Monday, July 15, 2013

No Printer Required

Over the years, we have  been fortunate enough to work with customers across the country and we have developed thousands of customized badging systems to help meet each organization's specific requests and needs.  Typically, a customer requires badging software, a card printer, badges and supplies.  Once in awhile, we also sell Driver's License Scanners for automated enrollment into the system - for those customers who don't want to manually enroll information and find scanning an ID faster and easier.  But that's it!  Easy enough, right? 

However, more and more often, we've run into customers looking for a badging option that does not require a printer.  Whether they are looking to save some money in the budget or just free up some extra time, having a printer onsite is not a viable option for them.  They would prefer to send their data offsite and have their cards delivered. 

This customer input is how we developed Web Print, a smarter credentialing option for customers who are not interested in the cost of an on site printer and supplies.  This cloud-based print service guarantees printing and delivery of badges faster than any other solution on the market.  Customers expect shipment wihin 48 hours of submitting print.  

Best of all, Patent-Pending Web Print allows for complete access control integration for customers interested in doing more with their badges than simply wearing them!    

The future of badging has arrived. 

Lindsay Martin-Nez is the Director of Sales for BadgePass, Inc.  BadgePass manufactures cutting edge software solutions including Photo ID, Access Control, Visitor Management, Time Manager and Driver's License Scanning.  For more information, visit