Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why Integrated Solutions Produce Better Results

In the security industry, the word “integration” gets thrown around far too easily.  Manufacturers constantly talk about “integration.” Customers long for it. How often are they really getting it? 

Recently, we worked with a customer to create a truly unique solution and provide the best level of integration possible between products and vendor partners. Here is a brief overview of the client’s story.    

A juvenile detention center, with 84 beds, was looking to find a cost-effective solution to register, identify and track juveniles while in the facility, as well as, identify and register all visitors and guest of the center. Starting with basic visitor enrollment and identification, BadgePass Visitor Manager was introduced requiring all visitors and guests to present a valid Photo ID, such as a Driver’s License, which then is scanned for their information in order to issue them a temporary ID card to be worn for the duration of their visit. Visitor Manager also allows for easy and accurate electronic reporting on all visitor access into various facilities.

Next, BadgePass Identity Manager was introduced for the identification part of the solution. This offered a quick and easy way to capture photos and document information about each new juvenile being enrolled into the system and even print each one a wristband. By using both Identity Manager and Visitor Manager, the customer received a fully integrated system that allowed for seamless enrollment of both juveniles and visitors into the exact same system. Their new enrollment process also helped to cut down on errors in the record logs, booking and processing time and helped meet state regulations.

For the last piece of the puzzle, we were able to partner with Elliott Mobile Solutions and implement a tracking program. Once each juvenile was issued a wristband, their movement throughout the facility needed to be accurately recorded. EPICTrack served as the perfect solution because it allowed for seamless database integration with the BadgePass system. 

Overall, the customer was very pleased with how simple the registration process of juveniles and visitors had become, as well as the simple tracking process that produced such detailed reporting. Best of all, the integration between all three systems is unmatched.

Something to think about: how different could this outcome have been without fully integrated solutions?    

Lindsay Cornell is the Director of Sales for BadgePass, Inc. BadgePass manufactures cutting edge Door Access, Photo ID, and Visitor Tracking software. Visit for more information.